Monday, January 11, 2010

What Joaquin gets up to

Joaquin is just over 2 and half years old. He talks very well and I am writing this so I remember what he got up to and how he was a young little boy.

We began toilet training over a month ago, more or less in November 2009 when he just turned 2 1/2. He now does his wee in the toilet and still has accidents with his number twos in his undies. He wears undies during the day and a nappy at night to sleep.

When we first started him on uppies he wanted yellow undies. But have found them hard to buy. I do not think they make yellow undies for little 2 to 3 year olds.

We also started him on lightning mcqueen pull up nappies. At first he did not want to wear them, but he ended up liking them and I put them on him during the day as it was easy to have them on and pull them down to go to toilet. They also do not absorb as much as other nappies so the wearer knows they are getting wet. Joaquin started to know he was wet and about 2 months ago went through a phaze where he did not like feeling wet or dirty. He is getting better and he has not worn a lightning mcqueen pull up for over 2 weeks.